Own shares of iconic sports history

How we built a new investment class and a world class team to boot

Making investing for everyone

Collectable is a sporting memorabilia marketplace and investment app with a difference. By fractionalising shares in high value items, Collectable gives sports fans and savvy investors the chance to own a little piece of history. We like to think of it as football stickers for grown-ups.

Collectable came to Planes with an existing design and a very clear brief: transform the WIP wireframe into a modern, user-friendly, mobile-optimised experience.

  • Strategy
  • UX / UI Design
  • Development
Tech Stack
  • React Native
  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Sports
  • Fin-tech

Knocking it out the park

Sourcing one of the most valuable baseball card in the world – a Mickey Mantle valued at $2.5m – lay the foundation for a phenomenal launch. In the first quarter alone Collectable sold almost as many shares as comparable products managed in an entire year.

The new platform also made headlines, with The Daily Mail dubbing it “the future of the [sports collectibles] market”.


Users in 3 months


Invested by users


sold in first 11 minutes

How we created a league of our own

With a release date less than eight weeks away we needed a bulletproof plan. Here’s how we tackled the logistics, legals and launch strategy.

The upcycle upshot

We analysed, prioritised and redesigned the client’s initial concept, drastically simplifying the design and development process.

“The Planes team set up the process really early making it clear how the project was progressing and allowing us to make changes as we went along while not losing sight of the bigger picture”
Alex Emberey
Head of Marketing

Synchronised shipping

Collectable may be more than 4000 miles away but our collaborative approach made it feel like we were working in the same room. They were involved in the prioritisation, design and testing, and our fortnightly sprints enabled total transparency throughout the entire project.

Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s

Launching a new product in a heavily regulated sector, it made sense to employ existing integrations for AML, banking and SEC filing requirements. Unsurprisingly, these systems were not built with the end user in mind, so we used the time saved earlier in the project to design workflows that ensured a seamless customer journey.

Building the right thing, right

With a tight delivery schedule we focused on MVP (minimum viable product) prioritisation. Working closely with Collectable on journey mapping and persona building, we identified the primary user requirements for launch, whilst also developing the roadmap for future features.

The long game

Following a successful launch, Collectable retained us to deliver an evolving roadmap aligned with the business goals. This includes strategy for ongoing user testing, quantitative feedback with the help of MixPanel, and qualitative feedback from user interviews.

We also hired their first technical lead and are now tasked with sourcing the team required for Collectable to take over the reins. Under their very own roof.

But before then we have a secondary market feature to release and a Series A to help close!