Taking a members club global, without opening a door

How we launched a digital membership network, while the world was locked down

Inspiring change for smart-minded women

Created for women by women, AllBright is a members’ club that gives its clients the tools to thrive both professionally and personally. With physical outposts in London and West Hollywood where women can work, train, network and relax, AllBright’s natural next step was a digital offering to elevate the classes, events and courses on offer.

Following a successful proof of concept (POC) using an off-the-shelf product, AllBright quickly hit the limits of what they could achieve and recognised the potential for a consolidated, bespoke platform.

Having partnered with Planes on an earlier project, they approached us to help design and develop their ideal digital experience.

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Allbright mocked up on 4 device screens

Digital Transformation at lightning speed

Initially, planned as a 3-month roll-out, when the coronavirus pandemic forced physical meeting spaces to shut shop we had to find a way to deliver the new platform in just five weeks.

Here’s how we did it...

Allbright digital success statistics

We salvaged

By leveraging elements from the existing POC model, we were able to prioritise which new features to prototype and implement, drastically reducing the design and development process.

We scaled

Whilst more bodies is not always the solution, our robust working practices and first-class talent pool allowed us to quickly scale up from three developers to seven. With the product, design and QA resource needed to support already in play, we had a cohesive team delivering from day one.

We streamlined

Using React Native Web, we built iOS, Android and web simultaneously (including native apps for mobile), which enabled us to share 85% of the components across web and mobile platforms. This resulted in a smaller code base to manage, improving efficiencies and further reducing the timeline.

We safeguarded

We made engineering decisions fit for the future, allowing AllBright to develop and grow within the existing platform. We also left AllBright with a modern tech stack to make hiring an in-house team and finding the right support a doddle.

Various screens through the Allbright Digital App

Launch and success

In one seamless migration, we moved 10,000 initial users to the new platform. Overnight. Across web, iOS and Android. And the ROI followed at similar speed with a 50% conversion rate from trial, and month-on-month revenue growth of more than 25%. The new platform also saw a dramatic increase in its user star rating, reaching an impressive 4.8*.

And it wasn’t just users that were impressed. The new platform received significant media attention, with Forbes, Sky News and the Evening Standard all featuring the new digital product that’s never been more relevant.

“I have never worked with a team that are as flexible or as fast as Planes. The quality of the work, from product to design is second to none, they are the team you want to work with on any new project that you want to get off the ground quickly.”
Ashley Silburne
Head of Product

Ongoing Support

Following a successful launch, our focus shifted from speed of delivery to optimisation, including user testing to further hone the customer journey. We also implemented a product cycle that worked with AllBright, allowing them to manage a roadmap alongside their strategic intentions.

For the wider team we introduced Agile working, which was also integrated into the customer support function.

Finally, we helped AllBright secure their first Head of Engineering and are working closely with them through the transition phase. So they can be truly self-sufficient when the project comes to a close.